5 reasons to Learn Self Defense

Self-defense is the countermeasure that involves protecting oneself from physical harm there are many types of self-defense, these include jiujitsu, boxing wrestling, judo, and others. Self-defense is not restricted to personal safety, it could also include household property, family members, etc. the use of physical force to counter a personal attack or violent attack is classified as in-armed and unarmed

Self-defense not only helps you to protect yourself but others too. The training in self-defense helps you to become physically and emotionally fit .having the ability to defend yourself helps to boost one’s confidence and increase self-esteem. in a world full of uncertainties a situation might arise where you have to defend yourself. Self-defense come in handy in such situations

Self-defense is a set of physical techniques applied to protect oneself from any outward physical act. The goal of self-defense is to avoid a situation quickly and safely. Self-defense helps one work on balance and also improves focus. Without balance, it is impossible to fight or defend yourself. Through training, you gain body control and balance and a person is better prepared to defend and protect yourself.

Discipline is a key in self-defense and probably the only discipline that lasts, in order for one to learn and grow with your self-defense abilities, you have to develop self-discipline. A person has to be motivated and dedicated to the practice. Self-discipline helps you focus on your goals.it enables you to stay in control of yourself and your reaction to any situation.

Self-defense should be taught to all age groups including children. Children who learn self-defense are better aware of their surroundings and are trained on how to defend themselves against attackers both adults and children of their age